Is there an email to communicate with Fanatec?

The products arrived, I connected them, I used them for a day, the next day I updated and now the Play 5 does not recognize it. I am unable to contact Fanatec. I contact Fanatec and when I send a request, they respond with an automatic email sending the merchandise, which has nothing to do with the request. In support, I cannot add the serial number. WHERE CAN I CONTACT THEM??


  • You can't. You put in a support ticket, or an e-mails for other issues. Then prepare to wait for weeks for them to respond. Don't put in multiple tickets or e-mails, as they do eventually get to your first reply, and multiples will slow everything down for others as they do respond to each reply when they get to it (now that was a run-on sentence). Others here will be better able to tell you what to do.

  • How is that support ticket?

  • Isn't there a physical store where you can go to solve problems with this type of device?

  • There is no store. All you have is digital communication, which is a lengthy process. What products do you have?

  • DD pro... wow... you should have read the fine print before, and without being a fanatec, there is no one to solve problems?

  • Fine print? No where in your post did you say you have a dd pro. You updated the firmware/driver. If you updated with the proper versions, if your connections are correct, and you're in the correct mode for PS5, then there's a good chance you bricked it (why I mentioned support ticket).

    You're not going to get personal communication. Good luck.

  • Sorry, I'm using the translator, I meant that I didn't read the fine print.

    And from what I have seen and read, I believe that yes, it has been blocked.

    Solution? Support

  • If it is bricked, then yes, you need a support ticket.

    If you can't enter the serial number, then I do believe I have read you need to create a new account and enter it in there (I could definitely be wrong about this though).

    You're best bet on these forums is @Maurice or possibly @Marcel. They could tell you what to do a lot better than I can.

  • How can I do that?? How can I contact these people?

  • They're on these forums, particularly Maurice. He's not going to expedite anything, but he will at least know the procedure.

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