DD Pro Extreme crashed

I've had the DD Pro Extreme for about 14 days and every now and then the steering wheel stops working while I'm playing. The display freezes, the speed is no longer displayed, no gear changes, and the shift paddles no longer work. After switching it off and on again it works again. Firmware is current. Hope someone from Fanatec reads this because the support is terrible.


  • Known issue to be fixed with the next firmware in driver 457 mid-April.

  • Hello, thank you for your Answer. The time until then is still so long away. I hope it goes faster. It destroys my Game

  • Greetings, I have the same problem, it disconnects in the middle of a race tested on PS5, XBSX. I have done everything and nothing solves it, I hope the solution arrives soon because I sold the DD Pro now I am without a whistle and without a flute, hahaha after so much waiting


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