How does Fanatec fix coil whine?

If you sent your base back for RMA, have you determined how it was fixed when you got it back.

Outright base replacement, coil replacement or seen coils can be covered in a noise dampening adhesive. Or is this something that can be corrected with electronic tuning. Or other.

Are you satisfied with repair?


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    From my understanding the whine is caused by the main board it self (and carries throughout the base) and a replacement of the board is required to get rid of it.

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    In one of the early coil whine threads, I made the suggestion that Fanatec send replacement boards to users and Maurice said no, cannot be fixed at home???

    I certainly would have been happy to replace a board myself then go through the hurry up and wait hassle of a return. We're trusted to open up a circuit board on Universal Hubs, but opening up the bases is verboten.

  • coil whine comes at coil self when it is in loose, that is a factory defect when coil are assembled and its added too weakly.

    by default it means that its needs replaced.

    another could be also board if the hz are wrong but then not sure if base would work correctly first place.

    i to remember some old days when bad transformer could make sound as well. basically same issue that its in loose.

  • Maurice could enlighten us, but it's a trade secret 🙈🙉🙊

  • I'm sure it's a Warranty thing.

    Simagic sent out some boards for the P1000's and I was a bit surprised that they did. Personally. I hate messing with small stuff as I lack the dexterity to fiddle with it. Even NVME's have become too small for me these days lol.

  • Who is this Maurice lad?

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