Coil whine. (Mild)

Got my dd+ base only 22nd March. Ordered the 11th.

so far very happy but after reading all these people with coil whine I do here a little bit u really have to listen closely. Ear up to it near enough. I’m not sure it justifies returning it.

whats people a thoughts on this. Is little whine normal.

my phone won’t even pick it up on video. And only for other posts about it I’d have never noticed.

Iv seen lots of other people with coil whine and its loud this isn’t that


  • Great thanks all 🤣

  • If you listen closely, every device has noises.

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    Totally normal...mine does the's a little audible but not bad and only once the base gets warm (when you first turn it on there is has to be running for a good 15 mins or so).

    IMO - nothing to be worried about. All electronic devices have some whine (more or less)...computers, GPU's, electric motors etc.). It's the components resonating at high frequency once they are warm - and usually not when under immense load (so you would hear it more after a race, than you would during as example).

    If it is mild, carry on and enjoy.

    Agree in that some folks have bases that scream...that would be too much, but a mild or faint whine is well within acceptable limits for me, and I am certainly not returning it as the next might do the same, or, "if it ain't broke - don't fix it!" :)

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