How long of a wait should be acceptable?


On February 5th I ordered the GT DD pro set with a load cell upgrade and pedal plates. Since that time I have been unable to get any information about my order, even after numerous attempts. I know, I know, a quick look around would tell me that this is not out of the ordinary.

When I placed my order it said ready to ship. Two weeks after I placed my order it went to "preorder shipping March 1x". That date came and went and not it shows the wheel as sold out. Should I just charge back at this point or is there actually any hope of getting what I paid for? How is this type of customer service the norm for one of the only DD systems for PlayStation?

Does anyone actually work at Fanatec or is this some sort of AI company now?


  • Don't worry man, everything is under control with those kind of imbecile

  • I ordered all stock items on Mar 13, 2024, as of today that is 2 weeks. It's not a small order, $3,895.15 CAD. They said all items ship between 4-7 business days. I've followed up 4 times via the contact form and just receive automated responses. The chat line has been suspended and we tried calling their call in Hotline in their 2 hour window but it has been suspended "in order to respond to emails faster" lol.

    I'm working on a custom project and trying to upgrade 6 seats to the fanatec ecosystem from Logitech. I need to ensure compatibility before doing all 6 seats. I'm now a bit concerned about going this direction if this is how things are.

    Is customer support always like this?

  • Ciao, ho fatto un ordine il 10 marzo 2024, oggi sono nella tua stessa situazione, non ho idea di quanto tempo devo aspettare, ovviamente ho ordinato una GT DD PRO 8nm con cella di carico e speso quasi 1000 euro

  • I am waitung since 25th November...

  • Hi, I placed an order on March 10, 2024, today I'm in the same situation as you, I have no idea how much longer I have to wait, obviously I ordered a GT DD PRO 8nm with load cell and spent almost 1000 euros

  • Since you have been waiting since November 25th, you have not received any emails apart from the first 2 of which one is the order confirmation and the second is that the package will be assigned to the courier as soon as it passes the warehouse etc...???

  • Hello!.I placed my order soon 2 weeks ago.... But i read and heard alot worse..... Have you received your items yet?

    I ordered DD pro 8nm gran turismo

  • Sarebbe da prendere un avvocato tutti insieme e denunciarli per inadempienza!!!!

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