Still waiting any infos about my blackfriday order, as lot of people

It took less f time for the Wehrmacht to get to Paris in 1939 than Fanatec to proceed all the black friday orders properly.

The so called German efficiency is no longer what it was, apparently.


  • what a disgusting comparison. it says a lot of your sick mind.

  • I would report op's comment but don't know how. Take your racism somewhere else.

  • People told me germans can't take a joke on this particular topic.

    You should know that not being able to handle a bit of self-mockery is a sign that you're not that smart and a bit fragile.

    What a pity. Maybe you should not act in a way that give credit to some cliche that say germans do not have any sens of humour.

    And we need a bit of humour in this particular situation where hundreds of people are waiting since 4 months with no infos about their order.

    Please be smarter than that before using the racism card because if you show a bit of honesty, you know it's not.

    The way of some customers are treated by fanatec ? That is what is really far more disgusting than a cheap joke from myself.

    With all my respect and regards beyond the Rhine. Cheers.

  • Perhaps you should go read the forum rules...

    - No rude, inflammatory, discriminatory, or explicit content. Discussing inflammatory topics like religion, politics, racism etc. and posting explicit or shocking pictures or any other content that is sure to cause controversy or conflict has no place on this forum.

    There are underage customers on this forum and no place for your "sense of humor"

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