Unbranded Fanatec gear Ebay

I'm curious why so much unbranded Fanatec gear is on eBay selling from China?

Did your shipment get stolen? Did you not pay a shipping company or supplier?

I have faith in Fanatec but I'm starting to believe those running it needs to hire a professional CEO to handle their operations cause it's clear the owner is struggling to handle those duties.

Also curious when the end of year report will be coming out? Q3 came out quickly. It seems as if the Q4 end of year report is intentionally being held back from potential stock investors


  • Manufacturing facility security has a cost. It seems the only corner Fanatec haven't cut is for marketing.

  • Apparently the board believes the same way I do! I believe there's much more to the story then we know! I've been following Endor Ag very carefully since the black Friday fiasco. Even the German regulatory agencies have stepped in

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