Gran Tourismo DD extreme clutch paddle issues

The wheel was great but now the clutch keeps intermittently engages. If I take the wheel off and put it back on it kicks it for about 10 minutes then starts engaging again. I went to the fanatec tune and reloaded the driver. Again, it helped for 10 minutes then came back. So, in the fanatec tuner, when I turn the wheel, the left analog clutch paddle engages.

anyone else have this issue?


  • You need to update the wheel Firmware to included in driver 456, then the issue will be fixed.

  • Thank you! I tried to update and it said it was up to date, I looked in the photo of turning the steering wheel and the clutch engaging and it says steering wheel firmware I’m out of town until Friday, how do I find the firmware update if it says it’s up to date?

  • You need driver 456, you are most likely still on 455.

    Note: Do NOT update the Base FW, only the Steering Wheel FW.

  • Maurice,

    You are correct, it’s 455. This was the first thing I tried but it said it was up to date. I’ll have to figure out how to force the update?

  • I did some updates and now my Wheel (Grand Turismo Extreme) is recogniesed as an BMW GT2 wheel.

  • I have the same isues with the clutch paddles. I fixed the problem in the Fanatec Driver by setting the "Analogue Clutch paddles" to option "Analogue Axes". Be careful when you Set the wheel in the Games. You must be sure that the paddles do not engaged intermittently. Before you open the game reboot the wheel and you have 10 min. to calibrate the wheel.

    I don't know where to find the driver 456 and the Firmware

  • Thank you for the driver 456. Have a nice day!😀

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