Why are they still selling products that they don't have.

Why do you continue to put items for sale that you have people waiting months to receive. It is super frustrating when I got an email again today stating that my order will be delayed and that you are out of the wheel base but then when I go to the shop you have the same wheel base that used to be marked as pre order saying that it is in stock. If you have them in stock you should be sending them to the customers that have already paid for them. Also your store front needs to say out of stock on most of your items. There are to many people waiting on products yet nothing in your store says it is out of stock. This is complete false advertisement and unethical sales practices. of course I know I am just venting to about of other people waiting for their stuff because we all know that you will not reply or make any public statements about the state that your company is in.


  • Waited a month to find out the item I ordered was no longer available with no restock date available. Ordered from Thrustmaster yesterday at 7PM today at 2PM got tracking number for order from Thrustmaster. So that's less than 24 hours from purchasing to product shipping, Fanatec pits their customers though several months long waits if they get the products at all.

  • there are one reason tho why you get Thrustmaster right away, its because not many buy those plastic stuff in this days, so yes they had indeed one for you and one for someone else aswell.

  • do you really think that this is why fanatec has not yet sent me a wheel ordered on 11/24/2023?

    Asetek, Simucube, cube controls and many others ship in 2 days, are they all plastic ones too?

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