Good morning Fanatec,

all of us received your famous email a few months ago where you guaranteed the shipment of our formula V2.5X steering wheels ordered on Black Friday by the end of March 2024.

Today is March 27th and I don't see any updates on my order dated 11/24/2023. I also wrote to you about it obviously without a reply or with your reply which will arrive in 15 days.

I have a strong fear that this is a further mockery of those who gave you their money 4 months ago.

Let me start by saying that after this treatment I will no longer buy anything from your shop and I believe that many others will do the same as me.

You were the market leader, fortunately now you are no longer and there are valid alternatives, at better prices than yours and with respect for their customers.


  • I am also waiting for mine and came here for an update. I do not think they "guaranteed" it by end of March, and tbh I expected that this would probably not work. However, it would be great to at least get another update.

  • "The first units may already arrive at the end of January, but the majority will not be in stock until mid to end of March 2024. Shipments are processed in the order in which your order was received (first come, first served)."A

    s they wrote

    and more important, if you remember, they also had opened the preorder after bf with delivery end of March, this means that all bf order were covered.

  • After the latest news and the further loss in value of the stock, which has lost over 80% of its value in the last year, I'm starting to worry that they will never ship our orders.

    Tomorrow I will ask for a refund via the credit card circuit

  • I can see my packages in the UPS app now. Miracles still happen ☺️

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