3 of 4 packages delivered, 1 of 4 (the most important) sent back to Coppell Texas...WWYD?

On march 7th i placed an order for multiple items:

dd+ base

Qr2 wheel side

CS Pedals v3 brake performance kit

CS Racing wheel F1

CS Pedals v3.

It was sent out in 4 packages, destination Canada of which 3 made it to my home. the 4th package, the CS racing Wheel F1, made it to customs and was sent back (and received) in Coppell, Texas last week. i'm unable to track it, unable to call Customer service, no replies to emails or facebook messages. I just want to know what's up and when to expect my last package? I don't want this to be another Living in Limbo story 😧

can anyone help? any other suggestions ?


  • Tae YooTae Yoo Member

    Sorry to hear. When you say you contacted Customer Service, do you mean the carrier? i.e. FedEx? My deliveries (USA) are usually thru FedEx from CA, and last time I had an issue I completed the online customer service help via FedEx & tracking# (there's no agent I could talk to, auto answering) and they called me back within half-day. Bummer, hope you get it soon

  • since the package was returned to sender (and received), there is nothing left for the original carrier to do :( it's in Fanatec's hands :(

    if only there was a way to contact them to get an actual answer lol

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