DD+ unusable

I’m fed up with this now.

FFB dropouts and freezing. The support ticket on the website broken so you can’t send a message.

Second unit as the first was faulty.

where’s the fix?! I’ve got a thousand pound paperweight over here and it’s ruining my hobby. I hear it’ll be sorted in a new driver but come on, when?!

I am at the point of asking for a refund if this isn’t sorted soon.


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    Thats a known Firmware issue to be fixed with driver 457, hopefully next month.

  • How about being a little proactive, and roll it back to 455.

  • I have an RMA in just waiting for the label and summitted dispute with CC. I am keeping the GT Pro on 451 for now. This is another complete Fanatec failure. They sold it long before it was ready and it was shipped before it was fully tested. They have let the consumer do the testing and now after more than 2 months only floating promises, but still shipping out a defective product. The problem was identified in January yet no fix yet. It wouldn't surprise me if it will require a recall for hardware modification.

  • Don I’ve tried everything like that before coming here.

    Maurice it would be nice to have more than “hopefully” this isn’t a cheap item. Maybe I was foolish to expect a product that worked?

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    Well, I cant guarantee any more specific timeframe. As of today driver 457 is planned to be officially released by the end of April with a Beta release in the forum sometime around Mid-April.

  • Sorry Maurice it’s not your fault. I’m just fed up.

    the base feels great but if I can’t plan for it cutting out, then I currently can’t enter any races.

  • The one race that’s on now is, refund reply or driver release.

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    Downgrade your base firmware using 455 drivers, you can leave WQR firmware updated to the one with 456 drivers.

  • William, I’ve done that. I’ve tried various combinations.

    455 is not the answer for this. It was the start of the problem.

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