CSL steering wheel R330 V2 series

Dear members,

is this wheel if installed with a QR2 unlimited for high torque on the CLUBSPORT DD + ?

i know it works with my McLaren V2 but the Gt7

is limited to 8NM

I want to buy a nice round wheel but find the BMW wheel to expansive. The GT7 is limited

I do not see the DD+ mentioned in any wheel description.

thanks in advance.

gr ray


  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
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    The R330 could be used as a lethal weapon.

    On a Universal Hub v2 w/ metal QR2, there are no restrictions, still OK if you want a CSL Hub v2 but you MUST get a metal QR2. I have one on a Podium Hub w/ QR2 and PBMR. Perfect round size and smooth leather great for rally.

    Not mentioned because R330 came out before DD series and Fanatec has not updated the wheel descriptions. True of many older products.

    I think you will be pleased with it's appearance.

  • Thanx jack. The site says; This product is a bundle of the ClubSport Universal Hub V2 and the ClubSport Wheel Rim R330

    if you are right it will give me the full 15NM

    so that will be ok then. No decide to order this one or wait a few weeks for the alcantara one.

    kind regards


  • The only part that restricts to low torque is the QR2 Lite.

    If you look carefully, you will see a 1/2 moon shaped "Torque Detection Pin" on the Lite. It presses a micro switch inside either the CSL Hub v2 or CSL wheels and disables high torque. The QR2 Lite won't even bolt to a Universal Hub v2 or Podium Hub unless you cut the pin off.

    So ANY Fanatec wheel will do 15Nm as long as get either a QR2 or QR2 Pro. Even the QR2 Lite will do 15Nm if you cut off the pin, but me personally would not go there.

  • Thank you. I’m going to order the ClubSport R330 + the CSL universal hub V2.

    on the way is a QR2 pro

    So high torque must be the case 😃


  • By the way. If I use The QR2 (not lite) on the GT7 wheel it is limited to 8Nm. Has that to to with thr type of wheel?

  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
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    Want to make sure I understand you correctly.

    "GT7" is the racing game, not a Fanatec wheel. That's where your confusing me.

    Fanatec makes a Grand Turismo DD Extreme (15Nm) and a Grand Turismo DD Pro (either 5Nm or 8Nm if you have a Boost kit). The plastic steering wheels are different on the two.

    Your first post you said you have a ClubSport DD+, are you trying to put the plastic steering wheel from a GT DD Pro on the CS DD+ ?

    You could bypass the 8Nm limitation with a Emulator, but then none of the buttons would work and at 15Nm it would probably grenade in your hands 😳😀

    I'm joking but somebody else would have to help you on that one.

  • Hey Jack sorry for the confusion. Not clear from my side. Yes I have the DDpro +. And use the McLaren V2 wheel with the QR2. This allows the full 15NM.

    I wanted a round wheel so I bought a used Gran Turismo wheel and fitted a QR2 pro. This wheel was limited to 8NM.

    So there was my question about the CSLR330 V2 with the CSL universal V2 Hub. With again a QR2 pro quick release. I already ordered this relying to get the full 15NM.

    I Hope my story is clear now 😃

    thank you for your feedback

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