Xbox CSL Elite P1 connection issues

Hey everyone really hoping someone can help me here, setting up my first sim rig and am having some issues. I bought a CSL DD wheel base, CSL Elite P1 wheel (xbox version) and the clubsport v3 pedals. Hooking up to a xbox series x.

Right away the wheel has seemed to have connection issues. At first it would play somewhat ok for 2-3 minutes then my xbox would prompt me as if the controller disconnected or act as if I started pushing random buttons. Then everything would just get working.

Turning off the base and back on gives the (a. a.) on the display. I read online to disconnect the wheel and reattach when getting the a. a. on the display. So I did that and it would "fix" the wheel for 2-3mintues and then it would repeat the issues.

After a couple times of that now disconnecting and reattaching does nothing, the wheel will not respond and the wheel base will not change over to Xbox mode (green light) it just stays read and there is the a. a. on this display.

I feel like this is a wheel issue? Any thoughts/help is much appreciated.


  • Have you checked the shaft is seated properly? might be worth reseating it.

    also, what driver are you running?

  • I have not checked the shaft, I will give it a try. I’ll look for a video on how to do so does anyone have instructions or a video on how to do so.

    I’m not sure what driver it is running, is this a factor when playing on Xbox? If so how do I update it?

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    Sorry this may have been dumb of me do I need to install the fanalab software on a computer and connect the base for tuning and driver updates?

    i was thinking because I use it on the Xbox it was more plug in play? I can hook it up to a pc for this if needed.

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    there are many pics/videos on the shaft topic on this forum alone, let alone youtube. should be simple to find.

    There is an issue with the firmware included in one of the driver packages that prevented the wheelbase from switching to xbox mode. Updating the firmware thats included in driver v456 should fix it.

    If you do need to update it, you need a PC on windows 10/11

    But most likely its the shaft thats the issue

  • Awesome thanks. I’ll try both today and provide an update here later.

  • Quick update, I disconnected the wheel, removed the shaft from the base. Reinstalled it, reinstalled the wheel. Powered on the base and still have the a. a. And the base won’t switch over to Xbox mode.

    i will add the light on top of the wheel is now lit up white, last night it was yellow. Not sure if this means anything?

    i have not got to try a driver update yet.

  • Using the CSL elite P1 (xbox) wheel with the CSL DD base does anyone have a recommended firmware update number I should try? Or should I just try the newest one? I ask because I know this is an older wheel so I didn't know if the firmware updates stopped being compatible with my wheel at any point?

  • So unfortunately I believe either the wheel I have has an issue or its just to old to work with my base. I downloaded the Fanatec control panel and the software recognizes the base and pedals perfectly. Everything is as expected. When the wheel is not connected. However when the wheel is connected to the base the software says "no fanatec device found". I think I just need to order a new wheel.

    Any suggestions on a good place to buy one that I can count it being delivered fairly quickly?

  • Just incase anyone else does a search for a similar issue I can confirm it was the wheel. I bought a new V2 xbox hub and wheel and everything works perfectly.

    Now I'm not sure if the wheel was bad or if it was a compatibility issue. I feel like it was a compatibility issue. The wheel looked brand new.

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