Canceled, Returned, Yet No Refund: The Regrettable Reality

I have made several posts on this forum; I have been participating since the CS DD+ was not launched on the initial indicated date. I believe that during those times, we were all seeking answers about the delay here.

Now, the reason I am writing is different. If you often participate in this forum, you must have read at least 2 or 3 posts that I have published in the last month talking about my canceled and returned order without a refund. It seems so sad to have to make this kind of post...

A month and a half after Fanatec's staff collected the packages I rejected (I rejected the entire order; they didn't even leave the UPS delivery vehicle), I am still without my money. It's sad because Fanatec, the company responsible for issuing the refund, has yet to do so. Due to their delay, I had to seek assistance from the European Consumer Center to facilitate the refund process through my bank and VISA.

I have sent tickets to Fanatec, some with a response, others without. Fanatec's response: "We already know that we have collected your packages, you have to wait for some department to verify the receipt of the packages," even though they tell me they already know they have them. It seems sad, really sad.

I'm not even angry. The worst part is that I will get my money thanks to VISA, and I will never hear a "We're sorry" from Fanatec. If you have thousands of inquiries a day and don't have time to respond, you will have to hire more people temporarily.

You can't have people waiting for several thousand euros in orders that they haven't even touched for months. Fanatec, you're not going to make me stop wanting to buy your products no matter how hard you try hahaha.

I just wanted to leave my feelings here at this moment and encourage anyone who has a similar situation to comment, so we can support each other!


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    Hi i am in the same shit here waiting for four / five months . no word from fanatec nothing

    they can wipe there ass with my money. i will never order again with this company.

    i cant explain to my son why its taking so long. he is 16 and whants to race on sim


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