Fanatec Podium DD1 Dead after 2 years?

Good evening,

Looking for some assistance with regards to my DD1.

It had been running fine until last weekend where it randomly disconnected during a race. Restarted wheel base and everything was fine. 5 days later again it disconnected during a race but this time would not turn back on.

PSU seems to be fine have plugged this into the wall and also the surge protector. Green LED powers up.

The button on the back of the wheel base when pressed will turn the base on button illuminates bright white and wheelbase starts to do its calibration. After approx 6 seconds it shuts down and goes dead.

I can hold the button in for 10 seconds and the wheelbase is reognised through the wheelbase updater.

I have disconnected everything and removed from the rig. Tried to power up on the floor and same fault occurs.

There are no abnormal noises and no fan issues.

I have also tried to uninstall drivers and re-install 336 and 455 Drivers. But the wheelbase remains un recognised.

I have raised a ticket with Fanatec support. However i fear that it is terminal. I have had the base for 2 years 1 month so i am unsure where i stand with regards to a repair.

If there is anyone that can assist me in the short term it would be highly appreciated.


  • Bump.....

    This has been over a week now and still no response from Fanatec.

    I have a dead wheelbase that's still in warranty. Super frustrating. Can anyone shed some light on a solution.

    Or do I have to cut my losses and invest in a rival brand?

    Help very much appreciated.

  • 14 days and still no response from Fanatec 😖

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