Seeking Advice on Fanatec V3 Pedal Adjustments for GT4 Racing

Hi everyone,

As a professional race car driver, I recently experienced some disappointment with the Fanatec V3 Performance Kit. I initially believed, based on various forum discussions, that race car pedals should be extremely stiff. However, after driving vehicles like Radicals, F4s, and recently a GT4, I’ve realized that there’s significantly more pedal travel than the softest setting offered by the Performance Kit.

Currently, I don’t have the damper kit, but I’m contemplating whether removing the Performance Kit and reverting to the original foams, coupled with the addition of a damper kit, might provide the desired pedal travel and stiffness.

With a GT4 race on the horizon, I’m eager for your insights on achieving a balance between substantial pedal travel and firmness, as this mirrors the true GT car experience. Your feedback would be immensely valuable to me.


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