• What now? Any Community update? I've Ordered some items week ago I would like to know what's happening because I have full fanatec eco system!!!

  • Well when you leave your company it continues to run or not ?

  • Raul BarreraRaul Barrera Member
    edited March 29

    It seems he won't leave:

    It looks like a bank loan condition and it will be in the company with other role. We'll see if is a good or bad change for the company and their customers.

  • Now perhaps the company will recover, and in time it will start working again. From what is written, it was the banks that wanted the dismissal of the CEO, as a condition for continuing to provide credit.

    It actually seems like good news to me, it means they are trying to solve the problems.

  • Hi there so if i read this correct is fanatech going under??? so no refund or the products that u ordered nothing thats it ???

    or is there still hope of delivering ????

  • Tomaz HocevarTomaz Hocevar Member
    edited March 29

    No hope at all. Fanatec collapsed. You will not get any product, refunds, or basically anything. Even the products everyone has bought, will stop working.

  • If you Google Endor AG Q3 their official investor relations website will show up in the results.

    It will not allow me to post it here

  • Why are you talking like you have no idea how hardware works.

    talking absolute rubbish. If they did go bankrupt it still works.

    like say if rolex went bankrupt there watch's would no longer tick. What an idiot

    you would be correct if fanatec hardware required online servers to work but they don't.

  • Having read the financial report for Q3 last year, it doesn't look that bad. Unless things have worsened considerably in a matter of months, then the company has hope. It need changes clearly. Their profit has been huge over the last 3-5 years down to release of GT7 and also the increase in Sim Racers from Covid. It was always going to drop again eventually. It just seems they need some restructuring to account for the 'normal' revenue rather then what they have been blessed with over the last few years.

    If I have read it correctly they lost about 5 million in the year ending Sept 2023. When you see the year before alone they made 20 million, it puts it into context.

    I hope that the changes of management etc is a move to make changes to avoid further loss rather than an effort to save a sinking ship!!

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