Good bye Thomas Jackermeier

Maby new CEO is more interested how act with their customers.

Information, technical support, properly workin web pages and forum software, manage warehouses and just don´t blame software for troubles, better deals with deliverer, proper software engineering etc etc.

Goob bye Thomas, welcome new one 🤗


  • Outside of Thomas being gone, none of that will be happening anytime soon. You'll be lucky if Fanatec doesn't go under; any equipment you have will plunge in resell value. No more firmware updates, any open order unfulfilled, and if you have a refund in process that will be gone. Way too soon to be doing a happy dance.

  • It's unfortunate to see Thomas Jackermeier leave, especially given his undeniable passion for racing and the monumental effort he put into building Fanatec from the ground up. His departure marks the end of an era. From my part and my sim racing friends, there's a collective hope that the new CEO will steer the company in a positive direction. It's also essential for investors to recognise the lucrative potential of the sim racing market and remain committed. 

    The future of Fanatec depends on the ability to navigate these changes while capitalizing on the growing interest in sim racing, ensuring the company survives in this evolving landscape.

  • Some disgruntled customers may be happy with news like this, im not at all, Thomas always seemed a passionate person , whether things where done properly or not ... and the products where high quality ( not perfect by any means ) , its sad news no matter how we look at it ...

  • Landshut, March 29, 2024 - The Supervisory Board has decided to remove the previous CEO and founder of Endor AG, Thomas Jackermeier, from his position as Executive Board at the end of March 30, 2024. Jackermeier will remain active in the company in another capacity. In addition, the Supervisory Board will soon appoint a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO). This means that essential conditions set by the lending banks for the extension of the standstill agreement to June 30, 2024 are met.

    Siegfried Stieger, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Endor AG: “In order to secure the financial future of the company and come to a future-oriented agreement with the lending banks, we are forced to reorganize the management team. We will continue to push ahead with the optimizations that have been ongoing in the company since the appointment of the remaining board members and initiate a comprehensive restructuring with the prompt support of a CRO. At the same time, it is crucial for us to keep the founder Thomas Jackermeier active in the company. No one in the sim racing market has a comparable network and feel for market trends. I am very pleased that Thomas has agreed to take on his new role.” In the future, Thomas Jackermeier will particularly support product management, continue to take care of strategic partnerships and support the incoming CRO with the restructuring measures.

  • "... the Supervisory Board will soon appoint a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)".

    This is what you should be most concerned about, not the firing of the current CEO. They did not replace him with another CEO, choosing a better and more capable person, but with a CRO. The CRO is a manager experienced in financial crises, and most of the time, as I fear in this case, he is chosen and positioned at the top of the company, by the main creditors, i.e. the banks, and by the suppliers.

    This happens when the company has attempted to resist the crisis, without changing its normal means of management, worsening the crisis to the point of making it evident even to the outside world.

    Simply put, when banks impose CRO on you, it's because you're on the verge of bankruptcy.

    From Wikipedia.

    "A chief restructuring officer (CRO) is a senior officer of a company given broad powers to renegotiate all aspects of a company's finances to deal with an impending bankruptcy or to restructure a company following a bankruptcy filing."

  • In any case, I wish Thomas all the best, but a new wind is needed because nothing is going well.

    I've been a Fanatec customer since Oct. 23 and have had nothing but problems since then. Now I've bought the new DD Extreme and nothing is working and that's absolutely not possible.

    Force feedback fails in the middle of the game, ITM Can't be transferred to the steering wheel, the service is poor, the processing is a disaster, PS5 compatibles without all possible functions - what nonsense is that, endless wind noise on the wheel base, I'm mega disappointed and hope that Moza, Simcube and whatever they are called will finally enter the PS5 market soon, I am very much considering switching completely.

    I'm curious to see whether the firmware 457 will fix the problems when it finally arrives.

    Ich wünsche Thomas jedenfalls alles gute aber ein neuer Wind muss her denn nix läuft.

    Ich bin seit Okt. 23 Kunde von Fanatec und habe seitdem nur Probleme, jetzt habe ich das neue DD Extreme gekauft und nix läuft und das ist ein absolutes geht gar nicht.

    Force Feedback fällt mitten im Spiel aus, ITM Ist nicht übertragbar auf das Lenkrad, der Service ist mangelhaft deren Abwicklung eine Katastrophe, PS5 kompatible ohne alle möglichen Funktionen - was ist das bitte für ein Schwachsinn, Windgeräusche ohne Ende bei der Wheelbase, ich bin mega enttäuscht und hoffe dass endlich bald Moza, Simcube und wie sie alle heißen endlich auf den Markt PS5 einsteigen, ich überlege sehr stark komplett zu wechseln.

    Mal gespannt ob mit der Firmware 457 die Probleme behoben werden wenn sie denn endlich mal kommt.

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