Back from rma and it won't turn on

Hello everyone;

My DD+ came back from rma yesterday, I installed it and I couldn't turn it on, then 30 minutes later I tried again and it turned on, I played for 2 hours and everything was fine. 

This afternoon I turned it on straight away and after a minute it shut down and I couldn't turn it back on.

I've had it since February 15th and I must have used it for 5 hours. It's just come back from rma for a coil moaning problem and now it doesn't even work, I'm literally at the end of my rope. I'm going to have to wait another 5 to 6 weeks for it to come back in what condition? 


  • Gökhan OgulGökhan Ogul Member
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    That's bad. It sounds like a cold solder joint problem after replacing the coils. You have to contact the support again for rma. Is the serial number the same as before?

  • Hello 

    It seems to me that the number hasn't changed and that my base has been sent back.

    I re-launched a ticket yesterday, it's really endless.

  • Diego MorolliDiego Morolli Member
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    oh my God, I sent my DD+ with the same problem as you, it's been at fanatec for 7 days, they still haven't said anything, who knows how much longer it will take?

    The DD/DD+ doesn't seem to have been tested properly, too many, many problems for such an expensive base.

    So they repair the base instead of sending a replacement? also took my dd+ out of the box, turned it on, put it back in the box and opened the ticket. A serious company would have replaced, perhaps freezing the amount in case the owner of the defective base did not return the product. Bad, very very bad.

  • Yes, it repairs and does not replace, and worse, it does not test after repair, otherwise they would have seen the problem immediately. 

  • embarrassing, I have no words. New base for €1000 and instead of replacing it for the customer as soon as possible you go and get your hands on it and among other things without testing them, disgusting!

  • Exactly, it's execrable 👍 

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    With so many suffering with coil whine ur better off with a repair

    iv very mild whine on mine after it gets warm. I might just keep it now I’ll see.

  • today Fanatec created a new order for me with a DD+, has it been repaired or is it a replacement? because now I see 2 products in the My product section

  • I raised a ticket with support 8 days ago now with no response. Can you tell me roughly how long you had to wait until they got in touch with you for RMA and then how long the process was until you received your wheelbase back?

  • ticket opened on March 6th, their response with instructions to ship the defective base back on March 18th, notice of shipment of the repaired base on April 5th. Look, I'm waiting to try it! you never know!

  • Good luck. Hopefully that is the end of your troubles. Please let us know how the repair went once you have it all up and running 🤞

  • Gökhan OgulGökhan Ogul Member
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    for me, it was a new wheelbase with another serial number.

  • For me, unfortunately, it was my repaired and non-functional base. 

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