Actual shipping time ?


my order for a GT DD Pro is dated of 19/03.

is normal ?

Status is : Handover to warehouse

on web site 4-7 days shipping !!!

I m very disappointed. 😔

how cancel my order and time to refund me ?


  • Is this situation you're experiencing normal? As unfortunate as it sounds, yes, it's normal. How can you cancel the order now that its status has changed to "Handover to warehouse"? Simply put, you can't. You can try sending a support ticket and explaining the situation to them; they'll provide you with a cancellation method. This cancellation method basically involves rejecting the package when the delivery company knocks on your door, so I understand that this won't be of any use to you. Right now, dear colleague, all you can do is wait. I'm sorry, we're all in the same boat.

  • Merci pour ce retour 👍🏻

  • Did you use a credit card to purchase the order? If so you may be able to dispute the charge with your credit card company since the product was never delivered.

    Thats the approach I’m going to take if I don’t get my product in a reasonable time.

  • It seems that QR1 Lite (inside in GT DD Pro) is out of stock till 11th April... Maybe when they have them again, they will send to you the bundle...

  • This situation is unbelievable 😔

  • It's very random. One of my order was processed and sent to UK in 10 days. An italian friend received his DD and wheel bundle in just 3 days.

    But I also have an order for items flagged as 4-7 days ship, stuck for 3+ weeks now.

    I also had to open and RMA ticket for the issues I had on my brand new DD 12nm. In 10 days they organized the collection at my home at no cost and now they opened a new order for me, for the free replacement of the DD. But that order as well is stuck in "handover to warehouse".

    So either they have too many orders to process...they lie about the stock...or they are actually accumulating orders (and payments) to show to the banks that they can pay their debts...but they have stopped production at this moment to avoid creating more debt.

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