Positive DD+ Experience So Far

I live in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. About a week or so ago, I ordered the DD+ and 6 QR2s to replace my existing DD2. Everything arrived in 2 days.

I installed the DD+ and converted my podium-hub based GSI wheel to QR2. I installed Fanatec Driver version 455. I use the Fanatec recommended Iracing profile in fanalab. The add+ is plugged into a high-quality startech USB 3.1 hub. That hub is plugged into a PCIE USB 3.x card in my PC (each USB port is on its own USB channel). There are 5 other things plugged into the powered USB hub along with the DD+.

so far I am using in Iracing. I feel it is an upgrade in experience (otherwise I have no issue packing it up and sending it back). I have had no issues, whines, disconnects, or anything else. I manually set the wheel in Iracing to 15nm and the force to 11.5. I didn’t doing anything else.

I do find it annoying that there are no recommending in-program setting recommendations for even Iracing.


  • Refreshing and encouraging to see the way it should be.

    2 day shipping? Did it come out of California or Texas?

    Also makes me wonder if some people with problems plugged into a USB 2.0 port.

    For some reason I just ordered a CS DD today. Feels like a glutton for punishment move. But if the packaging looks resealed or returned, I'm just going to return it for a refund.

  • Funny you mention that. The box said RMA on the box. So I heavy Duty inspected the box and the contents and all was new. I suspect someone read this forum and returned without opening (exactly what I considered doing 😄).

    it came from Texas (but I paid for expedited shipping). One thing that Fanatec has is cheap expedited shipping. Ground was $14 and I paid $50 for overnight shipping (and that was for two big boxes - one for the wheelbase and 1 for the 6 QR2s)

  • I think the guys at Fanatec who have provided FFB settings for all the games on different platforms are busy annihilating driver issues at the moment which is - in my opinion - much more important especially if these issues lead to bricked hardware that has to be sent back to be repaired or replaced.

    To find good FFB settings for DD+ I‘m following these steps:

    1. finding recommended ingame settings for DD Pro or Podium DD either from this forum or YouTube or another source.
    2. adjusting GAIN to a value that is in relation to DD Pro and Podium DD, e.g. if GAIN is 60 for DD Pro and 50 for Podium DD my starting value will be 55
    3. all other values tend to be identical no matter which wheel base is used. If not see 2.
    4. setting wheel base FFB, FEI, FOR, DPR, SPR to 100 (or DPR and SPR to a recommended value from one of the sources above) and NDP, NFR, NIN and INT to 0
    5. if possible choose a car you „know“ how it should feel. e.g. in Gran Turismo I choose a BMW E46 because I owned one a couple years ago.
    6. driving on flat ground to adjust GAIN and/ or tyre friction settings until the starting resistance of the wheel feels right when you turn the wheel.
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    1. 7. only if GAIN cannot be adjusted in a scale I need (let‘s say 60 is to high but 50 to low and I need 55 or 57 to get a correct feel and this is not possible to set) I adjust FFB or FOR.
    2. driving on humpy ground to adjust ingame effects if these are to strong or too weak
    3. if effects are too peaky I adjust FEI
    4. if effects are too snappy I adjust INT
    5. if the wheel oscillates at high speeds I adjust NDP until oscillation stops.
    6. if there is no oscillations I set NDP to 20 and see if the wheel feels better. If I set it to 10 and compare the feel to 0 and 20. If it was better with 0 I continue with 5. If it was better with 20 I continue with 15. I continue to interpolate until it feels right.
    7. I increase INT until I find a value that gives me a smooth, immersive experience
    8. if the wheel is too easy to turn I adjust NFR
    9. no comes the fun part: I provoke oversteering or even drifting. I my counter steering is too strong because the wheel is too easy to turn I adjust NIN.
    10. if NIN is increased I decrease NDP. I adjust both values until I can control a drift and my counter steering is on point.
    11. drive, drive, drive and adjust a value if needed or I find a better recommendation

  • Super helpful. Thank you - I appreciate it! I am going to try a button module endurance wheel today to see if it is error free as well. I will also try EA Rally or WRCG. I will stick with driver 455 until the next release.

  • I tested EA Rally with the Rally Module Endurance. I did not have any issues. It worked fine, although the game recognized it as a CSL DD in the settings menu.

  • Still running Iracing and EA rally with no issues. No issues with BME or RME button modules. Next I will WRCG and Forza.

  • clubsport DD Extreme drivers 4.55 very disappointed that disconnection problems every 10 minutes it's time they release a new functional driver or I switch to another brand too bad for the money lost.

    clubsport DD Extreme drivers 4.55 très déçu que des problèmes de déconnection toutes les 10 minutes il est temps qu'ils sorte un nouveau driver fonctionnel ou je passe à une autre marque tant pis pour l'argent perdu.

  • according to driver thread this is a known firmware issue to be fixed with release driver 457 (456 is Beta)

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    I used it with ACC yesterday and it worked perfectly. No issues, even with FFB set to 100% in game and out of game. That power is too high so I soon turned it down 😄.

  • I’d like to add my experience adding to positive experiences; ordered my DD+ late Friday evening on East coast USA, 2-3 day shipping, handed to warehouse on Monday morning, received this late morning.

    3 hours into abusing it to dial in the in game FFB to my taste, everything working perfectly and absolutely love the preset fanalab settings in Assetto Corsa and ACC on PC. LED porn for sure!

  • Leaving a comment for my positive experience from UK. Ordered on the 28th march in the evening which was the day before good Friday 29th so I didn't see any activity until Tuesday as the Monday 1st was a bank holiday.

    Tuesday the 2nd sent to warehouse then dispatch on the 4th with the tracking number not showing on mobile unless in desktop mode. Ups delivered my DD+ with 3 qr2's yesterday. Which makes it 7 business days from when it started moving after the easter holiday.

    Upgraded from a DD pro and its honestly blown me away.

  • Still going strong! Many hours of Iracing. It does seem to recognize it as CSL DD, so I override the auto-FFB setting and manually set it to 15nm in Iracing.

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    Good day everyone,

    Thought I should share my positive experience as well. I was extremely hesitant on pulling the trigger with all the recent negatives with FANATEC, but went ahead and upgraded from CSL DD 8nm to the DD+. Ordered on the 8th and it was delivered on the 13th!... Swapped it out on the rig and updated firmware (still running 455). Worked like a charm!... The upgrade actually feels like an upgrade to the point that I had to dial it back on iRacing as it was so damn strong that it was making it too hard to hit my turn-in points. 15nm is CRAZY!... the little details I can actually feel now are excellent to say the least. Let's hope game developers introduce True Force in the near future so we can get that little bit extra. Kudos to FANATEC for getting their S...T together on shipping items timely, now lets get the new driver squared away so I don't have the QR2 Firmware update issue.

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