v3 inverted, brake pedal signal

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below my email to fanatec, does someone had or have the same problem?

"Good evening, after wasting 3 hours of my life trying to figure out why the brake pedal was not working, trying to understand if it was the damper set incorrectly, by installing your app I realized that the pedal set, which just arrived from a first order placed at the end of January and cost €600, does not work! The input is inconsistent, sometimes delayed, sometimes absent, sometimes it remains as if the pedal is released, as you can see from the video. I can't take it anymore; I have been mistreated by this company and will find myself waiting for another 3 months, 3 orders later. I am at a loss for words for what should be a market-leading company..."


  • I have the V3 inverted and have not had any problems. PC or console? if a PC is it connected via USB or connected to a wheel base? Maybe switch the connection and try? DON’T connect both USB and wheelbase at same time - one or the other!

    Otherwise sounds like the load cell is not seated properly or maybe the preload on the elastomeers set too loose - scale on the knob has a range. Maybe remove and reinsert the elastomers, see section on Brake performance kit in the documentation

    Does not sound like damper issue. There may be a firmware update as well but again not likely the issue

  • firmware is updated, connected to the wheel via rj13, and wheel connected to ps5 via only usb-a. Connecting that to fanalab seems like the brake pedal is the only one inconsistent. Do you think it is a problem i can solve alone? they are not answering me...

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