Shipping issues

Hey everyone quick question. I’m wanting to order the Xbox wheel hub and nascar wheel. The website says shipping in 4-7 days. Anyone have an opinion on if it will actually ship in the 4-7 days?

Seems like most products say “preorder” so I’m wondering if the items that say “4-7 days” are actually shipping fairly quickly?


    1. no one knows shipping times even fanatec
    2. buy it second hand on FB marketplace and get it asap and for cheaper or
    3. go with a different ecosystem because this one sucks
  • I advise you to look among used ones. I'm still waiting for them to send me an order made 4 months ago.

  • I’m waiting on my steering wheel and pedals from fanatec I ordered the csl dd from eBay and already got it now need fanatec to send my order # 1946523

  • RainguyRainguy Member

    Yea i ordered on the 28th and still says “handover to warehouse” no shipped notification or anything so far

  • Anyone have a p1 v2 wheel they want to sell?

  • Quick update for what is worth, I went ahead and rolled the dice and ordered a new Xbox V2 hub and nascar wheel. The site said it would ship in 4-7 days and it shipped out in 3.

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