DD1 And formula wheel v2 loss of shifter during use.

hi, I Randomly loosing the ability to shift up or down, today once it was not shifting up then it worked for a while, then the next race it went competely. i have to disconnect and connect the wheel again to make it work. is this a known issue? the firmware is up to date. Sounds like a connection issue to me


  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited April 2

    How old is your stuff?

    Over time buttons does die out . I not know how much klicks are form factory writen before it start happen.

    Ofcource yes it could be also bad connection in steering wheel pins.

  • it is not the shifter buttons as i found out today all the buttons go at the same time. i think this started to occur at the latest firmware in around december

  • I will try the February release candidate from today.

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