Panne Gran Turismo DD Extrême

Good evening everyone, I bought the Gran Turismo DD Extrême bundle two weeks ago and everything was going well until I updated the 456 FANATEC driver to be able to play EA wrc which did not work on the driver 455..?? Following this, a computer bug occurred and my dd+ base no longer recognized my Gran Turismo steering wheel on the two drivers 455 and 456..?? I have uninstalled and reinstalled their software several times but nothing works anymore..!! Nor on my Ps5 also..?? I recently started after-sales service with FANATEC but so far no news. Do you think this is due to a computer problem at home or a fanatec hardware problem?? I will admit that given my great age (59 brooms..😂) I am completely floundering..!! Thank you in advance for any advice..!! 👍 have a good day, best regards, Doumé🏉

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