Panne Gran Turismo DD Extrême

Good evening everyone, I bought the Gran Turismo DD Extrême bundle two weeks ago and everything was going well until I updated the 456 FANATEC driver to be able to play EA wrc which did not work on the driver 455..?? Following this, a computer bug occurred and my dd+ base no longer recognized my Gran Turismo steering wheel on the two drivers 455 and 456..?? I have uninstalled and reinstalled their software several times but nothing works anymore..!! Nor on my Ps5 also..?? I recently started after-sales service with FANATEC but so far no news. Do you think this is due to a computer problem at home or a fanatec hardware problem?? I will admit that given my great age (59 brooms..😂) I am completely floundering..!! Thank you in advance for any advice..!! 👍 have a good day, best regards, Doumé🏉


  • There have been many failures for the 455 and 456 drivers. You should do a search here to see if others have had the same problem.

    If you have upgraded the firmware, then to go back you should, after installing the previous driver, also downgrade the firmware.

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