qr1 out of stock (i fell like a fool) plz help

Hi all.

I think fanatech is making fun of us more and more every day. I placed an order on June 14, specifically the dd bmw edition package. Since I saw several people complaining online about qr1 lite, I said to pay another 50 euros for a normal qr1. The problem was the stock, qr 1 lite coming into stock on March 23 and qr1 on March 29. Not only did they extend the deadline for qr1 until August 2, i.e. today, but when I went in to see it, I saw that it says out of stock, on the order it appears nothing different than that it will be in stock on August 2.

I came to ask you what to do, cancel the order and order from another site or cancel it and order without normal qr1, or wait and see what happens. I'm tired of waiting and I can't get nervous anymore with all the fanatech problems, but I don't know better alternatives in the budget of 600 euros.

thank you very much!


  • Same thing with QR1 Lite. What are the odds they will ship it on 11th of April?

  • I'm waiting too. I have ordered f1 v2 and qr1. And now I don't know whether to keep waiting or cancel

  • Not sure why anyone even want qr1. Qr2 way better

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    Same here.

    Order passed on march 7th. Everything (CSL DD8nm, tableclamp and ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5) available since March 14th except the QR1.

    QR1 Availabilty date was April 2nd. Last week, i received a mail from Fanatec indicating that the QR1 will be available on April 3rd. But since today QR1 availability is changed to April 26th.

    2 monthes of waiting only for the QR1.

    Needless to say that my money was taken by Fanatec since march 7th.

    That's not serious. I strongly thinking about cancelling my order.

    Correction : i have cancelled my order right now and waiting for my refund.

  • I ordered a r2r bundle on 12th March. Everything was in stock except the Qr1 steel wheel side FOR FREE. My order is stuck due to qr1 availability (was 29 march at the moment of the order) and it's constantly delaying day by day. 3 april, today it says 5 april, but I am sure it will not be available on that date.

    This company is ridicolous, good products but if they don't change something about the order system they loose a lot of new customers, including me. I am already looking for competitors bundle. Patient is running thinner.

    Why don't they just deliver the order with the stock plastic qr1? or they can give us a voucher to get a qr1 with a discount as well. No sense!

  • P.S.: where is the customer service?? If we try to contact them they always reply with useless bot generated e-mails. Fanatec you are scandalous! U take our money and then disappear

  • @Luca

    Just stop. Of course they're replying to you with a bot email, it's their way of notifying you that your email has been received. You'll get a personal response when they get to your place in line, and they are weeks or more behind so it's going to be a while.

  • I spent €1930.00 and my order is held back due to a stupid QR1 that I have no need or want for. What the hell??? Just send the order without the useless QR! fitting. I don't need or want. How hard is it to just send the rest without this???? Are you trying to hide that you dont really have the stock that is shown as available??? why else would the customer be left waiting for months because of an un wanted part that was included with a product for free.....? Very convenient!

  • @Alan Lehtla

    Because many have multiple wheels and to change to qr2 may costs lots.

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