Why is my order delayed by something I do not need or want!

Or why can't I order a hub without a quick release?

I used to have a Thrustmaster wheel with Fanatec pedals and shifter. Later on I got a CSL DD and an Xbox wheel/hub. At that time I got them with a bundle including pedals. It was cheaper to get wheel/base and pedals than just the wheel/base. Not too much of a problem because everything was in stock and order dispatched in (relatively) good time. This was all before Black Friday. I did not need the pedals and they are still in their packaging, as spares or possibly for resale.

When I ordered QR2 was not in stock. Initially I ordered with a 14" wheel, and soon after ordered a 11" wheel. During the Black Friday sale I pre-ordered a Base side QR2. I had decided I would get a 12.5" wheel at a later date, so also pre-ordered a bundle of 3 QR2s. All the QR3 stuff turned up before the pre-order date (well done Fanatec). I had bought a real Sparco P310 Open to use as my 12.5" rim, but needed a hub to use it.

The ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox had always been in stock, but could not be ordered without a QR. I did not need another QR but would accept a free QR1; which kept getting sold out. Eventually I managed to get an order in with the QR1 on pre-order. Trouble is the date keeps getting pushed back. The only option is to spend another €100 for another QR2. it wouldn't be quite so bad if it could be sourced with a QR2 lite, but no the only alternative is the €200 QR2-Pro!

Rant over, but why can't one buy a hub or wheel without a Quick release? It would be so simple and save a lot of bad feeling.


  • Found one in the UK (without QR), so cancelling order. I mean who's to say if I had decided to wait (nearly) another month, it would not have been delayed again?

  • I’m in France and i’m facing exact same issue, i ordered since 28th February and all was supposed to be in stock for late march. Now in my order status it say 26 April. I really think about cancelling my order and try some moza stuff instead

  • I am the same here. I have an order in that was pushed out again due to QR1 wheel side freebie that I do not need or want and would like to just get the rest of my order which all show as in stock to be sent already! . Now I suspect that it is just a stalling tactic due to low stock elsewhere. Why cant I just have the order without the QR1 freebie????? When I ordered on the first week of March, it said it would be in stock on the 2nd of April and today on the 4th it now says April 26th....Maybe! Fanatec!!! A LITTLE HELP. cut the QR1 freebie from my order and send the rest. :)

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    I have a PC and an Xbox. For over 15 years I used a G25 with an adapter to use on the Xbox. When I eventually decided to upgrade I did it piecemeal. First was the wheel and base I went for a TS-PC Racer, which was a massive upgrade on the G25. Later I got CSL Pedals LC, a ClubSport shifter and a Moza Handbrake. This setup was OK for a couple more years, although I had to forgo Xbox support. When I decided to go for a DD wheel/base it was a choice between MOZA and Fanatec; the Xbox support (and better selection of wheels) led me to Fanatec. Had no problem until this year. Not sure why they insist on including a QR with wheels/hubs, when all other items can be purchased separately, including ironically, the Quick Release. In fact I had already purchased all the wheel-side QR2s I needed as a bundle. This is a bit of a own goal as I would have happily ordered my Hub from Fanatec instead of going elsewhere sans QR.

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