DD+ Wheel base + ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for xBox not connecting to xBox X and PS5

No support from Fanatec itself - only hope on community...

Situation. Got ClubSport DD+ Wheel base and steering wheel with ClubSport Universal hub v2 for xbox (plus pedals and shifter).

  • I was be able update Firmware using PC - it is visible on PC but I did not try any games.
  • Connect to xBox X - Green LED - no wheel detected in xBox in Corsa and WRC whatever.
  • Connect to PS5 - Blue light - no wheel detected. Nothing in WRC and F1.

One concern - 3 symbols LED on wheel hub has dead middle lane. Maybe whole hub is dead?

The question is: are there more setup required in xBox X and PS5 to have setup detected? Or that is problem with hardware?



  • Some update. I did connect rig to PC and was be able to use it in Corsa. Any thoughts about xBox X and PS5?

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