New Wheel 2.5X Hardware issue ? (LED Test)

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I got my V2.5X Wheel from BF Order 24.11.23 this week and started to play F1 23 on PS5 (CSL Elite Wheel Base). After a few laps Randomly the wheel fails and turns off.

Wheel from Base - and back to Base and after few Laps the same - Wheel without function.

I started PC Fanatec Software and did the tests of the Buttons - Test ok

Test of LCD - Test ok

Test of LED - Test NOT ok - Wheel shuts down  when Test is running and Software says - no Wheel attached.

So it has to be an issue with the LED's ?!

(Hardware Issue ?)

Base FW 693, Motor 22, Wheel 33 ist Displayed an the LCD on Startup.

What should i do ? 

Return it after 4 month waiting ?

Does anyone have an idea ?

QR1 mounted as it has to be, Pins all ok.

I'm thankfull for any help,



  • looks hardware releated. i would try downgrade to v451 and then test it again. v451 is the only fw at the moment i have no issues. if it still the same it is a case for support

  • No change with 4.51 , but thank you.

    So wheel has arrived on 27.3.24 same Day i wrote a ticket but whole week no Response from fanatec, Next week Thursday 14 Days to send back are over, wait till middle of next week to hear from support.

    But i think nobody will contact me because they have all to much work with E-Mails.

    Hotline is shut down.

    I'm very sad ...

  • Another Customer from the netherlands has the exact same issue as i have, nothing helps to make the wheel running as it should.

    He also got it this time from his BF Order.

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