delivery time when the material is available .

Hello everyone. I am a long-time fanatec customer, I have purchased a lot of material from them, now I have got the DD Extreme. On March 28th it told me in stock and shipping time 3/5 days…. but still nothing. I tried to contact via email, via telephone, via fax, via chat, via Messenger... but nothing... I don't know what to do anymore 😭😭😭


  •  I just order the CSL DD(8NM) along with a wheel and a set of pedals on 03/29/2024 and just check with FedEx’s website I had to use a reference number ( fanatec order number) since no tracking numbers have been given by Fanatec. But in short all 3 of my packages will be here tomorrow on the 5th. So in total it has only been 6 business days since the order was submitted and to my door 

  • it mean 4 to 7 seven workdays that means it. monday was a holiday here in germany. so that means that it should come between saturday and early next week.

  • In my case - 3 working days!!!

  • I don't know I'm very very worried you only read negative reviews everywhere. I'm worried 😢😢😢

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