Introducing the Fanatec CSL Cockpit, available now!

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Need a compact, high-performance sim rig at an incredible price? Look no further than the CSL Cockpit! Our all-new sim racing chassis designed for Fanatec hardware starts at just 399.95 €/$, and it’s available now in all regions!

Unbelievably strong.

Using aluminium tubing and steel brackets, it is both light and strong. The innovative trapeze design means the frame punches well above its weight, having been tested with high-end load cell pedals and Direct Drive Wheel Bases up to 25 Nm. The optimal side-mounting Wheel Base brackets means you can be sure that you’re not losing any force feedback detail through chassis flex – this rig is rock-solid!

The classic GT driving position of the CSL Cockpit is ideal for many forms of motorsport, such as GT, Oval, Drift, and Rally. By inverting the Wheel Base brackets, a karting position is also possible.

We’re offering a selection of great value accessories at launch: Seat, Shifter Holder, and Monitor Holder all designed specifically for the CSL Cockpit, with more accessories coming soon!

The components and all the tools you’ll need to assemble your new rig fit in remarkably small boxes, which helps to keep the shipping costs down too. We can’t wait to see your new builds!

Check out the product pages for all the details.


Regional pricing:

CSL Cockpit (frame only)

  • EU: 399.95€
  • US: $399.95
  • AUS: A$669.95
  • Japan: ¥64600.00


CSL Cockpit Seat

  • EU: 99.95€
  • US: $99.95
  • AUS: A$169.95
  • Japan: ¥16200.00


CSL Cockpit Shifter Holder

  • EU: 39.95€
  • US: $39.95
  • AUS: A$69.95
  • Japan: ¥6500.00


CSL Cockpit Monitor Holder

  • EU: 119.95€
  • US: $119.95
  • AUS: A$199.95
  • Japan: ¥19400.00


  • Why is my parcel still stuck on label created for over a week????

  • Are you guys for real!??

    there are so many people waiting their orders, several warranty issues that you don’t even reply to (mine included) and you guys think it’s a good idea to launch a new product????

    fix all the issues you have first, and most of all REPLY to the mail tickets we send in!

    it’s hard to recommend Fanatec any more and I for one is looking to get out of your ecosystem if you don’t start helping out with the issues already at hand.

  • Perhaps start make cheap vibration rigs. You may have sucsess at that as all those currently expensive.

  • So you have time to make some posts.

    Then, what about the new delay for the QR1 shipment and those nice forgotten promises ?

    While we have no influence on cargo delays, we would like to apologize for the postponement of your delivery and will let you know if we receive any other relevant updates.

    We do, however, regret that we were unable to inform you of this postponement earlier and strive to provide more timely updates in future, should an order be affected by a delivery delay in future.

  • Either the business is going to go on, or it's not. If it's going to go on, they are going to introduce new products. They're not just going to shut down their business until they get caught up with e-mails. They'll give you an answer when they get to you.

    Delays are going to happen, and they let you know there is going to be a delay. Since it's a delay, that means it hasn't been handed over to the warehouse. That means you can cancel it if you don't like the delay.

  • Direct from Aliexpress to your home. "Cockpit" + monitor holder + seat, 700€ (yeah, small price jajajaja). 0 modularity...0 adaptability.... buy an aluminum cockpit

  • Hello can someone please help me and tell me what to do to get fanalab for my csl dd 5nm and not mess up my stuff plz and thank u

  • How about instead of introdusing new products, remove all QR1 from wheels where it´s sold separately so even those who want it with QR2 could place order.

    At this state of you choose QR2 instead of QR1 it automagically changes back to QR1 at shopping cart.

    Make web pages and product ordering to work properly, read comments from your frustrated and angry customers at forum and react to them if you can´t handle thousands of email, chat and phone calls. ASAP fix software for new CS DD´s so those are playable instead of cutting connection to wheel.

    At this state how this company acts I wouldn´t recommend anyone order anything.

    Let them fix all problems and if there is still money left at end on June, hopefully new CEO can lead company to new raise again.

  • Fanatec, are you serious right now?

    You can't respond to issues you already have, you can't deliver the orders that are already outstanding but you launch a new product and expect people to buy it.

    I'm looking at getting a new rig soon but as it stands I won't buy yours since you can't deliver my outstanding order and after multiple attempts to contact you I can't even get a reply from you.

    Your customer service is a joke. Your website is full of false promises. I have gone from being a Fanatec fan to never wanting to deal with you again once I receive my order. You need to look at yourselves and fix your broken company image and restore the consumers faith instead of not caring what we think

  • ElurztacElurztac Member

    Does that mean you will release a new cockpit for Podium users since this one is not compatible with our base ?

  • 135 days of waiting for my missing with no response from

    your side , but all you do is present more stuff that you can’t even ship

  • Guys, what is it that you don't understand about the fact that the banks kicked out the owner and founder of Fanatec from his own company?

    They need to sell as many things as possible.

  • TJ was and remains the major shareholder, owning around 50% of the company that he founded.

    He's been removed from the CEO position, not kicked out of the company. Two very different things. He's still there and his ownership share remains unchanged.

    The only person can change the percentage of ownership is TJ - either by selling some of the shares that he currently owns or by purchasing more.

  • The fact is that I ordered DD Extreme on March 28th..... and they didn't respond to any email, phone call, PEC, fax, anything in any way, even on social media.... Facebook, Instagram, x.. ... everywhere.... it's impossible to trace them... it's impossible to get news..... It's impossible to get an answer!! and apparently it is very difficult to receive order that you paid for!!!

  • Hey Fanatec, what's going on with you? I've been waiting for 6 weeks for you to pick up my defective pedals for repair. After 6 weeks I receive an email, it would take another 3 weeks until I receive a prompt reply. Where I live it's called cheating.

  • I received an email from UPS saying that 2 parcels will be delivered on Friday, let's hope, let's hope🥰🥰🥰

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