Brand New DD+ making whining noise

Gday guys, I received my DD+ this morning and have only plugged the power In and the wheel base makes a slight whining noise but was under the impression it’s ment to be completely silent, is this normal? Any help would be great thanks!


  • That's not normal but unfortunately common.

    You need to contact the support to get the base repaired or exchanged.

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    Hello Maurice!

    Can you please tell us how loud the whining noise should be to qualify for RMA? I mean, mine also produces the nose. But to be able to hear it, I need to close all windows and doors, and in midnight when there is no outside noise, put my ear to base, and only then I can hear some noise, presumably coil whining.

    I mean, every electric component has some noise. My Razer laptop has some crazy coil whining when 4K movie is played, or double display is ON. But is working 5+ years, 24/7. My APC UPS has terrible coil whining, but is working 10+ years, 24/7.

    I believe that every electric component has some noise. In case of this new fanatec DD wheel, we only need guidance at how loud and what kind of noise qualifies for service/repair.

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    There should not be ANY whining noise.

    It should be dead silent, even in a completely silent room it should not be possible to hear literally anything from the base.

  • Thanks Maurice. One question: Does this mean that wheel is not working as it was meant? If not, I really don't see how this qualifies for service/repair especially in my case where I cant hear it unless I put my ear next to base in dead silent room.

  • It's just an annoying noise which wont harm the hardware in any case.

    You have to deal with the support if your case qualifies for a RMA or not.

  • thx. BTW, love ur ACC car setup for DD+. I have V2 pedals but BRF 60% is strong for me and I need to manualy lover to 40% everytime I run the game and change the car. Is there a way to save it in fanalab?

  • Just load the profile, change BRF to 40, save the profile. Next time you load the profile it loads with BRF 40 ;)

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    Thx! On more question. Have DD+ and F1 combo. In ACC after every in game high impact crash, LED and OLED on wheel is stuck/freeze. And I need to turn OFF and Turn ON wheel to unfreeze it.

  • I think this freeze talks is Months already. They not still fixed that yet for dd/dd+

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    Surely a slight hum when u put your ear to the base is normal? I don’t know and motor that completely silent. Are u sure on this Maurice?

    have u any idea when or if any revisions were made to cure this since. It’s ok to say send them all back but rma is a mess and people could be months without a base they spend 1k on.

  • A hum is not a whine.

    There should not be ANY whine noise.

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    It’s a hum/whine after an hour of use. But u have to listen close. It’s completely silent when first turned on. It is a slight whine but only when warm and when u closely listen.

    again have they done anything to fix this on assembly line this info would greatly help the community.

  • Is there anyone that can confirm whether this is a specific batch that's failing? Does anyone know / can confirm that Fanatec has identified what the issue is and fixed upcoming batches?

    I read everywhere about coal whines and bricked bases and kind of being put off. Also, you guys that are having problems with support where are you located?

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    There is no word on if this issue is fixed. I was also an early adopter and had whine. I did end up going the return/refund route. I still want to buy a DD+ but am just going to wait.

    What I am noticing is that these posts are WAY less frequent now, no one's really posted about it in couple weeks now even though DD+ is selling well. Might be fixed? Can't say for sure. If you can wait, wait a little longer.

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    Ya I’m also seeing less posts. Iv a feeling most are just keeping regardless of whine or not.

    iv sent mine back last Thursday I’m hoping for a quick fix.

    mine was bought only a month ago so not cured up to late March anyway.

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