Could not be more pleased with CS DD

After all of the horror stories here and everywhere, finally reordered (cancelled preorder day 1 of announcement).

Got unit #9830 (last numbers of serial?), envy who gets #10000 😇

No RMA or other telltale signs written on outer box. When opening both box flaps, could tell they had not been opened before.

Cross fingers and plug it in and power on. Does it's start up routine. Listening for coil whine, none. Put ear on it, none.

I think I'll wait for next software before installing, don't want to push my luck.


  • Gökhan OgulGökhan Ogul Member
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    @Jack Pickett

    I'm not sure but I think, you must take a look to first numbers of the serial number. The last numbers are only sequential number for units within period:

    LN(Product ID for CS DD)+XX(Week)+X(last no. of year)+00(?)+XXXX(sequential number).

    as example for CS DD: LN413001230 |LN=Product ID (CS DD), Week=41 (3rd week of October), 3 for Year 2023, 00 for hardware revision?, and 1230 sequential number within period. The last number can also contain letters.

    BTW: my CS DD works fine without any issue and I have a lot of fun with it every day. Only waiting for new official drivers 457.

  • Thanks Gökhan for the serial # breakdown. Mine is 46, so manufactured Nov 17? Glad I waited later to get one, seems the teething issues have been worked out.

    Now if they will release the Type F adapter so can use with older wheels.

    I asked Simon at SRM to try to get the cost down on QR2 old wheel adapters, even better.

  • Gökhan OgulGökhan Ogul Member
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    Yes, your wheelbase was manufactured between November 11th and 17th

    Mine is from October 2023 (3rd week) and works perfectly. Mistakes can always happen and products get better over time.

  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
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    Looking at the included usb cable. Type C to type A. The A end appears to be a usb 1.x (white) 4 pin, not usb 3.0 (blue) 9 pin. Thought these CC DD bases were usb 3.0 required.

    Maybe should find a type C to type C ya think?

  • No, it's correct, so use the original cable. A different cable may cause firmware update problems.

  • Mines week 51 2023 and hardware revision 01. what changed is revision 01 over 00 anyone know?

  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
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    Manufactured December 18~24 2023

    Doubt anyone here could tell us about revision changes but a sign of refinement for sure.

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