Clubsport DD+ Wheelbase Bricked within two weeks

Got my dd+ about two weeks ago & it worked perfectly, hadn’t used it for a few days but now it won’t turn/power on. The power bricks light is on(green), I’ve tried disconnecting & reconnecting everything to no avail. Also tried connecting my pc to fanalabs but no devices are found. I tried to troubleshoot it online but this is seemingly a common problem with many peoples dd+’s being bricked. How on earth Fanatec can release a so called high end wheel base with so many failing at this early stage is beyond me after only 4/5 months since release…. Before purchasing I too ignored all the bad press I saw about Fanatec online unfortunately it’s true…. Steer clear overpriced junk!


  • You and a loooooot of other people.

  • Remember it was thoroughly checked/tested by Sony. That was the delay "reason". Right?

    Or it was way worse and there was another round of reviews/checks? And now we have " acceptable" product that does not work. Sony has history with such crap too. Gt7 is same story

  • Same here. Received my DD+, did all recommended FW updates from Fanatec control panel. Reboot PC and DD+. Base did not show any lights after pressing the power button. After a few moments my Porsche GT shows FANATEC and then nothing. Powering On/ Of, holding power button for 10 sec, installing older version of driver; Nothing. Base not shown as divice on PC.

    So my thought is, there is no active USB connection after update and restart of base. Opened a ticket, now waiting.

    It is very hard to understand that there is no solution for this problem. Reading so much threads describing this problem since more than a half year and Fanatec did nothing to fix it. Neither they are communicating this problem to their customers.

    I'm really disappointed. A product for about 1400,- € (incl. neccesssary QR2) and did not work at all.

    What are your experience about the RMA process? I don't want to wait another 2 or more month until I can play.

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