DD extreme wheel base won't turn on

Hi , I have just received my DD extreme bundle for a week. It was very enjoyable for few days. Couple of nights ago I was playing GT7 on PS5 and all of the sudden the wheel turned off by itself. Now the wheelbase power light is off, and I am unable to turn it back on. I was using the latest firmware from about a week ago. I had tried to unplug everything and then plug everything back in, leave the power unplugged for extended period of time, and try to plug the wheel base to my computer but it would not recognise. The weird thing is, the 4 white light on the wheel will come on and the display on the wheel will also come on when I press the power button, but thats all it will do and nothing else. I just received my wheel so I am still in the two weeks return period, but I really like the wheel and would like a fix. Is it not possible to fix anymore because the wheel is not recognised by PC ? Please give me suggestions if I should just return it first or otherwise? According to website I have to bare the return shipping fees, which is not reasonable because its a defective product.


  • Hello, I have the same problem, I received the product, connected it to the computer updated it, enjoyed it for 2 days and now it does not respond, and the computer also does not see it... If there is any solution, let me know... The support service is also not responding by email or by phone. I don`t know what to do...

  • Hello 

    I have the same problem (after returning my rma for moaning, plus vibrations in the steering wheel) it would not turn on.

    When I press the start button for a long time, the steering wheel lights up, but as soon as I let go again, everything goes out.

    I haven't tried anything anyway, as the base doesn't light up, I can't even attempt to update it.

    So back to rma for me 😌

  • Today I bought a CSL DD and also updated it, everything seems to be fine.... I just started the circle, and it went out and no longer reacts... I press the power button and there is no reaction... now I have 2 bricks at home....

    I’m wondering if someone will answer here on the forum??? The support center is silent, tried to call, no one answers, at least here we will achieve something?

  • Hi everyone. I received my dd+ clubsport f1 wheel package with v3 pedals. Used it on 2 sessions and literally this morning , set it up and the base unit eill not power on. I've tried everything and nothing is working.

    The middle toggle switch on tge wheel is tge only thing that let's the screen do anything on a menu. No base power on. No wheel working or anything.

    What is it?

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