DD+ right stick (rim) behaves different in GT7 on-track than Podium or DDpro

I switched from Podium DD1 to CS DD+.

I play GT7.

On Podium and DDpro, the right digital stick (with the rotating crown) switches the while-on-track settings (like TC, fuel mix, braking balance, etc).

As expected, this works for each wheel for me (McLaren GT3 V2, ClubSport Steering Wheel V2, Formula Wheel 2.5X, GT DDpro wheel, BME, etc.)

With the same rims attached to the DD+ (on 455), those function is not given any longer, usually the input does not do anything while-on-track.

Sometimes turning the crown results in changing the currently selected values, but switching with left and right (nor up or down) shows no effect at all.

This only occurs while-on-track, while in-game or even in the menu, the buttons (left, right, up, down, press, rotate) do work as expected.

Anyone else facing this?

Could this please be fixed?

Many thanks guys!




  • Try the 456.

    DD+, Formula V2.5 and GT7 works well

  • found out, i was just to dumb to find out, that the DD+ is seen by the ps5/gt7 as a CSL GT DDpro ...

    The game doesnt even support this wheelbase yet :(

    Knowing that, one can make the digi-stick act like on podium, by simply changing this in the DDpro setting in-game..

    One problem solved, yet another: i cannot use my APM at all (exept shifting), as well as most of the buttons of my rims..

    Well, let's give 456 a try, but honestly, the game should first start supporting the new wheelbase, so its Sony turn, I guess

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