My new Club sport dd plus fails every day after about a half hour of use with my mclaren wheel

works fine for a while then looses all force feedback. then I have to shut the wheel base down and reboot or it,s dead. This never happened on my dd pro. I Dont get any response from Fanatec. tried all the down loads and repairs . I think the data log says fail incompatible. has the new Qr2 fitted and works fine for about half an hour. any help would be Great seems I can't get it from Fanatec.


  • Hi!! This problem is a known issue of driver 456. It will be fixed wuth next driver 457 near this month. You could probe to play without fanalab open. I think that's the problem. I play in pc without fanalab and this issue is less common, i can play for a long time until moment.

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