F1 23 Won't Launch on PC with CSL DD and RS Wheel


I use iRacing successfully on PC with my csl dd and RS wheel (latest drivers, etc.). I installed F1 23. I click F1 icon - after the box asking to use vr or not, I opt to start game but nothing happens. I get the "click any button" prompt but NO buttons or keys do anything. I go to TM and repeatedly click around on EA and F1 things (sorry, I am not technical) and once in a great while game will connect to EA online. All is good then until I ever try to quit and relaunch again, then same process. I'll add that when game runs, the controller (wheelbases) page do not mention my Fanatec CSL DD or RS wheel. Should it?

I change wheelbase modes, reconnect cables, etc. and nothing helps. I stay in PC mode... and am lost. Launching is a time-consuming random process.

I seek Fanatec help (if it is a Fanatec issue). I am not very technical. Please tell me in simple terms how to launch (and detect?) F1 23 on PC with Fanatec equipment. Thank you.


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