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  • Which means that this package is coming to you :-) Congrats, what did you order? bundle? and when?

  • Yeah it’s true !!!!

  • Hello,

    This is a good news !

    Are you sure that orders are processed according to the 'first in, first out' principle ?

    I'm asking because I'm seeing a lot of orders that were placed after mine and are now being delivered.

    Could you please check what's wrong with my order (everything was available on 29/02) ? (I haven't had a reply to my e-mail of 02/04 either)

    My order : CS DD+, McLaren GT3 V2 Wheel, CSL pedals with load cell en QR2 wheel side.



  • It can t be first order first delivery, I got mine in less than a week shipped, monday is at my home in stock clubsport v3 inverted pedals

  • edited April 26

    I ordered a Bundle Club Sport Racing Wheel F1 and clubsport v3 inverted pedals available Ships within 4-7 days the Tuesday 16 th April.

    But I hope the UPS tracking by reference number is true, because, I didn't get the mail or SMS of UPS or Fanatec. I my status in my Fanatec account doesn't move


  • You can be sure of that by checking products on your account if they have serial number added, yes your order is shipped if not nope

  • Yes I checked in my account, in "my product" I can see the serial number for all my product !!!!

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  • @ Nitu

    That's not true at all. Out of my last five products received since January, only the first ever got a serial number. That's a no on the dd extreme, PBMR, PAPM, and a qr2 ws.

  • Hello everyone Can someone tell me when Ups will pick up the order from the warehouse in europe? Does this happen daily or on certain days? Since Tuesday April 23rd I have finally received the tracking number by email but the status since then is unchanged "label printed". Is this normal that the parcel still on the warehouse with nobody picking up?

    My order is from March 11th, 2024. I have to say that the customer service is very attentive and I was always informed even if I waited 10-14 days for an answer.


  • Yes, it's normal. Probably they will picked up one day. I heard about similar situations

  • Good news for me and i hope for everyone

    last friday a status on ups appeared when i wrote the order number plus postal code and country, and monde i received a mail from Fanatec with a tracking number, the packages is moving and i expect to receive tomorrow

    finally seems tht Fanatec is in a way to have a service at the same level that the customers they have

    best regards to all

  • My order arrived yesterday, was Ordered on the 16th April

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