Delayed from January

I ordered in January with nothing but delays. I’d like to cancel my order and re-order but how do I know what to believe is true on the web site as far as delivery times. My original order said it was all in stock and I still haven’t received it. Help


  • I have had an order pending since Feb 24, 2024. No matter what route I tried I couldn't get a response from the company. I finally sent a request to cancel the order via the account portal. Even that resulted in no response. They have my money so I guess that is all that matters to them. Very frustrating.

  • If your trying to get your money back the best way I can give you is to go through your bank and see if the will contact them that’s what I had to do and I got my money back in like 3 days, however I never got a cancellation email until I emailed and asked like 4 times if it was finally canceled. Hope this helps

  • Hey I ordered a csl dd bundle at the beginning of march and was told restock was march 28th and then it was pushed back to April 23rd which is today. Well back on April 16th I was told everything in my order was in stock and was gonna be pushed to the warehouse and in a couple days I would get shipping information and my order status would update, well over a week later neither of those things have happened and I’m not getting any answers from fanatec anymore and I’m just kinda in the dark… could anyone relate to this?

  • Either wait or cancel and move to other brand. There is no reason to repurchase and hope for other outcome.

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