Load cell pedals via ps5 not connecting...

So, I upgraded to the load cell pedals a few months ago. Followed the connection guide as per the instructions and all worked well enough. Perfectly you might say. Until about a week or 2 ago, the pedals are not recognised via the PS5.

I have not changed the cabling at all. All the connections are the same as the ones when the pedals did connect.

I am at a loss as to the problem. I have opened a support ticket with Fanatec.

I have checked all the firmware and all up to date. I have also connected and updated the firmware for the load cell pedal via the USB cable. An update was needed and I thought that might do the trick. Alas, to no avail. The update was successful. I can see the pedal register inputs through the PC software, BINGO! Yet no reaction when connected back to the PS5.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  • Does it still work without the loadcell?

    Have you checked the connection into the wheelbase?

    Did you update the pedal with both the USB and RJ12 connected at the same time

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