Fanatec CSL Elite V2 brake pedal black spring problem

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Hello everyone, I have been using the CSL Elite V2 pedal for 2 months. When I replaced the black spring at noon today, I found that even if the brake pedal was not pressed at 50% force feedback, the brake pedal also showed about 2% force. I checked the weight. The principle of the sensor seems to make sense. I would like to ask if this happens to you too?


  • I have not tested to replace the spring on my pedals. But it makes sense that changing to a stiffer spring would result in more pre-load force applied to the load cell sensor. So if the pedal was calibrated with the soft spring that would explain the ~2% you see after replacing it. It should be easy to fix by simply re-calibrating the brake pedal in the Fanatec Control Panel.

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    I switched back to the blue springs, and when I first switched back, there was some spacing, and after a few hours of use, the spacing disappeared and everything was back to normal. Thank you for your reply and I wish you all the best in your life!

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