Not remembering maximum brake force, normal?

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Hi guys,

I've got the simple pedals, all 3 (csl?) and the brake is the one with the loadcell.

As a set connected to the Podium DD1. I have set the maximum brake to listen to what 'load' I set it for and thus not the maximum play of the pedal.

I have always had that one on 90% but now, due to backproblems, I have set it to 65% and there is the problem:

every time I start up the wheel again, I have to go into the Fanatec panel (Don't have Fanalab, no need for more stuff on the system) to set it again to 65% because it has converted itself back to 90 again.

Could there be some fault, am I missing something or is this just normal?


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    Also the clutch pedal is not remembering it's setting: I push it in upto the second to last side-stripe in the Fanatec panel and set is as maximum.

    That way I have some free play near the top because a lot of games seem to have full release when you let the pedal go for just a millimeter......making it only work from 95 to 100% pushed in.

    However; that goes good for a little while, even when you shut the wheel off and on again (the brake pedal then forgets it's position right away) and after a drive or two, the clutch is back to default too.

    I have read topics (on this forum too) and they all go about it would be fixed meanwhile, as those topics were old.

    My version (I just reïnstalled the drivers) is 455

  • Hallo, auch ich habe leider das Problem, dass ständig meine Deadzone bei der Bremse und Max beim Gas nicht so bleibt, wie ich es speichere.

    Ich fahre auf der PS mit meinen V3. Treiber habe ich den V455. Kann man mit einer baldigen Verbesserung per Software rechnen?

    Danke und LG.

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