F1 2020

Zane HaigZane Haig Member

New user to Fanatec I have a CSL DD with the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel. They are working spot on for Assesto Corsa and Forza Horizion 5 etc but in F1 2020 the wheel is not aligning with the game controls. I have to turn the wheel twice as much to get the car to turn compared to the wheel in cockpit on the game.

It makes the tight corners impossible to turn hard enough. Is this a setting i can adjust somewhere?


  • MadDog-ICMadDog-IC Member

    Don't have that game myself, but if game doesn't have a calibration and soft lock capability to automatically match the in games actual car steering angles, then do the following:

    Adjust sensitivity in game from 100% to 30-50% depending on you steering angle of actual wheel (1080 or 900 degrees) to give you around 300 - 360 degrees rotation in games wheel.


    Set the Fanalab profile or Fanatec driver tuning S1 - S5 menus rotation to 360 degrees for the game.

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