Can I find older versions of CSL Elite V1.1 Firmware anywhere?

Hi All,

I recently updated the firmware in my Motor (V22) and Wheel Base (V693).

Since I have made the update, drifting feels totally different. I have managed to revert the Motor firmware back to V18, however I cant find the download for any previous Wheel Base firmware versions.

Prior to updating to V693, I recently updated it V692 (this is when the issue first came about). Today I noticed V693 was out, I updated it but no change.

I can not remember what version the wheel base was when I first got it (purchased it second hand), but I know for sure that since I updated the firmware, the wheel doesn't feel the same. I purchased the wheel from a friend of mine who hasn't used the sim set up for a year or so. So I'm thinking the firmware that was on it is a few versions ago.

To be more specific, before the update, I was able to slide and control the car very easily. Since the updated Firmware, the car does not move around/drift as smoothly and I'm almost fighting the wheel. rather than drifting nicely with smooth transitions, steering the car exactly where to go, it just power slides and drifts through corners in a tighter angle, rather than nicely around the corners.

What I am after is a library where older firmware versions for the CLS Elite V1.1 Wheel Base are available for download.

I have played with the wheel tuning with no luck. I am convinced I need an older version of the firmware to get the wheel base back to what it felt like before.

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