DD Extreme analog paddles C+H issue

So I’ve had this wheel for a week and started to mix with the settings. Everything was working fine until I assigned the analog paddles for clutch + handbrake.

Issue: When turning left, no matter what speed, the car suddenly spins around like I was pulling the handbrake.

solution for the moment: assigned analog paddles to something else.

Is there a hardware fault causing this or is there another solution? I am playing GT7 and I don’t know anyone with an extreme wheel to replace and debug.

Please help!


  • Update: I found out the right analog paddle was triggered by turning the wheel to the left. So when turning left it pulled the handbrake by itself. I figured by assigning the paddles to break + gas and when turning it started to give a little bit of throttle.

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    This is fixed with most recent steering wheel firmware included in driver 456 and newer.

    If still happening with that firmware then its indeed likely a hardware issue.

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