No FFB CS V2.5 Solution.


Recently my CS V2.5 wheel base has not been having FFB. It is very faint even with FFB test, like it not even there. If I turned off and on the wheel rumblers this would fix the issue (fanatec client v 455). So I updated to client V457, and this "fix" that I did would work, till I launched a game. Then it would stop working. Up till now I've always used the default FFB settings on the fanatec client. I changed from using "auto" to custom 1, and set the default drift value from -5 to 0, and now it fixed the problem entirely.

It seems the new clients defaults to drift -5 and something is not working right. With drift at 0 FFB test works every time like normal, and the FFB in games works perfect.

Also no idea why my username is my email.....thanks fanatec....

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