Does the warranty/rma service work?

Does the warranty/rma service work?


  • Sander DSander D Member

    Usually but it can often take months.

  • Yes they work. After waiting roughly 3 Weeks for the Support (to many people sending tickets daily because they cant wait,...) i got a RMA. So i've send it over to them and it got delivered last Friday. Today (after 2 Days) i got my new Tracking Number and Invoice that my item is ready.

  • I submitted an RMA for return and refund Feb 23. It's still going, slow replies. No refund yet even though they received it April 8th. Waiting on dispute with credit card.

  • I am not going to do any more firmware updates until Corsair are in control, just in case, getting my gear was bad enough, I dont want to be part of the RMA nightware

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